Changchun in photos


    Music fountain in Changchun


    Water lily flourishing in Changchun


Northeast China is a great place to escape from the summer heat. Changchun, capital of Jilin province, initiated the China Changchun Summer Relaxation Festival in 2007 to introduce itself as a summer resort to more people and to boost its industries via tourism.

The annual festival opened at Changchun World Sculpture Park on June 16 this year and will show the beautiful and vigorous Changchun to the world for 80 days. During the festival, seven travel events and 34 activities to enrich people's summer will be on tap.

  • June 16 Opening Ceremony

    June 24

    2018 Changchun Urban Orienteering

    August 26

    Jingyuetan Forest Mountain Biking Marathon

    June -- September

    Changchun Sightseeing

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