City orienteering kicks off in Changchun

Update: 2018-07-06

More than 1,500 people including nearly 300 foreigners participated in the Travel Around Changchun City Orienteering event that opened on June 24 in Changchun, capital of Jilin province.

City orienteering has become one of the most popular race forms in recent years. It adds a game to simple running races. Participants can both enjoy the competition and appreciate the culture and scenery of the city.

City orienteering kicks off in Changchun

Foreign participants pose before the race. [Photo/]

The Changchun City Orientation Game is a section of the 2018 Changchun Summer Relaxation Festival. The race includes two groupings -- one for friends, another for families. Participants need to reach all the task stations and complete the mission within six hours and finally return to the starting point.

The game was intended to promote Changchun's culture and history to more people through tasks and offer racers a chance to see the city’s beauty.

It was sponsored by the Changchun Municipal Tourism Administration, the China Travel Service International Conference and Exhibition Co., and Chanchun World Sculpture Park.

City orienteering kicks off in Changchun

Participants ready at the starting line. [Photo/]