Five travel routes for enjoying a cool summer in Changchun

Update: 2018-08-02

Five travel routes were recently proposed by the committee of the 12th Changchun Summer Relaxation Festival as the event got underway, all emphasizing scenic spots, ecology, culture, food and history.

Must-go spots

Jingyuetan National Forest Park -- Siberian Tigers Park -- Changchun Modern Agricultural Park

About 12 kilometers away from Changchun, Jingyuetan National Forest Park covers a total area of 200 sq km with a 4.3 sq km water area and 96 percent forest coverage.

The park is called "the largest man-made forest in Asia" and is equipped with slide ways through the trees.

Visitors can reach the spot by Bus 102, 120 and 160 or take light rail Line 3.

Located along the Changchun--Shuangyang Expressway and 4.5 kilometers away from Changchun, the Siberian Tiger Park is both a park and a wildlife rescuing and breeding base.

Visitors can find not only Siberian tigers, but also many other rare animals.

People can take Bus 102 and 120 and Line 3 to get to the park.

Changchun Modern Agricultural Park is an agricultural exhibition area integrating modern agricultural technology, ecological plant displays and a cuisine show.

The park covers a total area of 1.06 million sq m and has 1,810 booths. Five exhibition areas — a modern plantation, aquatic products, animal husbandry, new energy application in rural areas and cuisine and culture zones -- are established in the park.

In addition, desert scenery and new village residences are on display in four indoor halls.

Visitors can get there by Bus 102, 120 and 160 and Line 3 also calls at the station.

Education tour

The former Site Museum of the Changchun Film Studio -- Confucius Cultural Park -- Jilin Science and Technology and Culture Center

The Former Site Museum of the Changchun Film Studio is one of the best places to learn about the history and development of the film industry in Changchun.

The site, covering 46,137 square meters, was reconstructed on the area occupied by the original Manchu Film Corporation in 1937.

Visitors can learn about stories from behind the screen and the history of the film industry by viewing cultural objects and art exhibitions and watching old films.

Many bus routes including 52, 80, 230 and 267 can reach the site.

Changchun Confucius Cultural Park is reconstructed on the base of the Cultural Temple which was built in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

The park, covering about 12,000 sq m, was initiated to show respect to Confucius and has three areas -- cultural relics, an education zone and a culture promotion area.

Visitors can also study Confucius-Mencius culture and attend courses on Chinese ancient civilization.

Traditional culture study is not enough? The Jilin Science and Technology and Culture Center is a good place to have a look at the latest technological achievements and modern innovations.

The center is a platform to display innovative achievements and to provide academic exchange seminars. Visitors can also watch 4D films and closely follow scientific research.

Relics and Folk tour

The Imperial Palace of the Manchu State -- Northeast Folk Custom Museum

The Imperial Palace of the Manchu State was the official residence of China's last emperor, Puyi, who lived there as the emperor of the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo.

The palace covers 137,000 square meters, and contains dozens of buildings of different sizes. The buildings' architecture is embraced by modern and ancient Chinese style as well as foreign designs, and is typical of the colonial period.

Visitors can reach the site by Line 4 or Bus No.125, No.225, No.264, No.279, No.318

The Northeast Folk Custom Museum features exhibition areas about ancient and modern ethnic groups' customs, leading industrial workshops and the latest research on traditional culture of Northeast minorities.

More than 40,000 collections are displayed in the museum, which help visitors appreciate all aspects of ancient NE nationalities.

Five travel routes for enjoying a cool summer in Changchun

The Imperial Palace of the Manchu State was the official residence of China's last emperor, Puyi. [Photo provided to]

Film and Sculpture Tour

Changchun World Sculpture Park -- Changchun Film Studio

Changchun World Sculpture Park, covering 920,000 square meters of land and 118,000 of water, has more than 9,000 sculptures made in 206 countries and regions.

After seeing the sculptures, Changchun Movie Wonderland is another must-go destination in the city.

Covering about one million sq m, the Wonderland is a film-themed park equipped with the most advanced special effects technology.

Visitors can both experience movie fantasies and enjoy a cool summer vacation in the water park area.

Five travel routes for enjoying a cool summer in Changchun
more than 9,000 sculptures made in 206 countries and regions

Water and Relaxation Tour

Haizhilian Water Square -- Northeast Culture Park -- Jianpeng Riding Town

Haizhilian Water Square is a large-scale indoor water park with three themed areas – an underwater world, a sunshine coast and desert zones -- where people can relax after the office or the classroom.

Northeast Culture Park is a good place to enjoy local food and customs, and then slip into a hot spring. The park has a local residence exhibition area, a northeast culture museum, an intangible cultural corridor and a NE celebrity sculpture display zone.

As the home base of the Jilin provincial riding team, Jianpeng Riding Town has several indoor riding competition venues and outdoor training areas. It has become one of the most popular summer relaxation places in the province.