Integration of history and modern culture

Update: 2018-08-01

The area of Changchun has had well-developed agriculture since the Neolithic Age and an organized governmental regime for at least 2000 years. The name Changchun first appeared in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

The city is in the central area of the Songliao Plain where fertile land is the foundation of prosperous agricultural development.

Changchun's industrial growth also contributed to China's prosperity in the early days of the country's establishment.

To date, the city is nourishing its tourism industry and at the same time making efforts towards industrial transformation and upgrading.

Changbai Mountain, Jingyuetan National Forest Park, Siblerian Tiger Park and Beihu Wetland Park are all popular destinations.

The local government now is working hard to develop a new tourism mode -- relaxation-oriented travel -- which combines natural sightseeing, historic learning and relaxation activities to improve tourists' travelling experience.

Integration of history and modern culture

Changchun is an old city with rich natural resources and historic relics. [Photo/]