Jilin announces measures to boost consumer spending

Updated: 2020-09-22

Jilin announces measures to boost consumer spending

Official from Jilin province announces policies and measures to boost consumer spending and the culture and tourism sectors. [Photo/cnjiwang.com]

Northeast China's Jilin province is rolling out 11 policies and measures designed to boost commercial consumption, and culture and tourism consumption, officials announced at a news conference in Changchun, capital city of the province, on Sept 21.

The measures would stimulate the vitality of the consumer market, promote its recovery and maintain stable growth.

Jilin province will raise another 50 million yuan ($7.37 million) to support a third series of consumer voucher promotion activities from Sept 26 to Oct 31.

A total of 40 million yuan will go towards shopping and spending vouchers and 10 million yuan will be allocated to culture and tourism vouchers.

The province will also undertake various marketing drives and carry out promotions, aimed among other things at boosting sales in the auto sector, refined oil and household appliances.

In addition, the province plans to organize a series of culture and tourism festivals and activities.

In addition to the 50 million yuan in shopping vouchers, another 100 million yuan is being issued to local governments for their own consumer coupon promotions.

The province will also focus on the Mid-Autumn Festival, the National Day holiday and peak shopping seasons in September and October, carrying out promotions to support the steady growth of consumption throughout the year.

New measures come on the heels of other policies and initiatives launched to promote consumption.