Changchun New Area

Update: 2020-06-24

Changchun New Area
The Changchun Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone in Changchun New Area. [Photo/]

The establishment of Changchun New Area -- in Changchun city, capital of China's Northeast Jilin province -- was approved by the State Council in February 2016 and construction began in April. It is the 17th national-level new district in the country.

With an approved planning area of 499 square kilometers, the area has an actual jurisdiction of about 710 sq km -- including the Changchun Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, the Beihu Scientific and Technological Development Zone, the Changde Economic Development Zone and the Konggang Economic Development Zone.

It has jurisdiction over two townships, five sub-districts, 51 villages and 32 communities, with a permanent population of about 550,000.

The area is the pilot region for the Changchun-Jilin-Tumen development strategy, the economic belt of Harbin and Dalian and a critical node for the China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor, enjoying many preferential policies issued by the country.

Changchun New Area is now building itself into a scientific and technological innovation center, an international logistics center and an international exchange and cooperation center -- as well as an industrial base for high-tech companies, advanced manufacturing, airport economy, and health and elderly care.

Changchun New Area
The Changchun Beihu Science Park in Changchun New Area. [Photo/]

In 2019, the GDP of the area was 73.2 billion yuan ($10.36 billion), marking an increase of more than 4 percent year-on-year.

Last year the industrial output value of its manufacturers above a designated size -- those with annual revenue of 20 million yuan or more -- saw an increase of 5.2 percent year-on-year and fixed asset investment was 40.81 billion yuan, up 16 percent.

The growth rate of major economic indicators of the area ranked first in the development zones in Changchun city.

Focusing on development of three pillar industries -- namely advanced manufacturing, modern agriculture, and modern services -- the area is accelerating its pace of project construction.

It starts more than 100 new industrial projects every year. In 2019, it introduced 109 new industrial projects and started construction on 174 projects with investment of over 50 million yuan each.

The area also highlights scientific and technological innovation, investing more than 150 million yuan in innovation projects every year. It is also home to 480 high-tech companies and has recruited a large number of top professionals.

With its higher level of opening-up, efficient administration and increasingly improved business and living environment, Changchun New Area is seeking further high-quality development.

Changchun New Area
Changde financial tower in Changchun New Area. [Photo/]