Wang Yanfeng: poverty alleviation should be on-going

Updated: 2018-03-06

Wang Yanfeng: poverty alleviation should be on-going

Wang Yanfeng, deputy of the 2018 NPC, is being interviewed. [Photo/]

Wang Yanfeng, is a grassroots deputy. She focuses on issues important to farmers, agriculture, and rural areas.

Poverty is still a key problem in China, and its alleviation is especially important for urban area and farmers. After poverty alleviation villages are more beautiful and better, as are the farmers' lives.

In her hometown, the Yongsheng village of Liujia town in Yushu city, poverty alleviation has made significant progress.

At the beginning of 2016, there were 231 families in poverty, and 578 poor people. After help from the government, there are now just four families in poverty.

Wang mentioned that because of the current state of the regulations and policies, farmers may face poverty again when they experience severe health problems. She hopes the government will change relevant regulations and improve the social security system.

"The government now pays more attention to industrial development in rural areas. I think we need to insist on industrial development as a way to achieve poverty alleviation forever," Wang added.

The resources of rural areas are the key to industrial poverty alleviation. The resources are farmland and the labor force.

Readjusting planting structures could improve economic performance. Establishing agricultural corporations to process local plants also makes sense.

Now, Yongsheng village is planting more types of crops and has an agricultural corporation. Things are looking better and better.