Attracting more business talents to Jilin province

Update: 2018-02-02

The Jilin government is focusing on attracting talents to start businesses and so will offer more supportive policies in the coming year.

Acting Governor Jing Junhai delivered the 2018 government work report of Jilin province at the opening session of the Jilin People's Congress on Jan 26.

According to the report, the government is hoping to attract foreign experts and college graduates to work in the province. Meanwhile, it will encourage more Jilin people to return to their hometown to found start-ups.

Experts at the provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department shared their views on attracting talents on Jan 27.

"Foreign experts bringing innovative programs and technology are a key to benefiting the growth of Jilin's industry development," said Yu Miao, director of the department's professional technical personnel management office.

"Local talents such as college graduates can create a good entrepreneurship and innovation atmosphere, which will help attract foreign experts," Yu added.

"According to the department's statistics, more than 90 percent of Jilin province's college students find jobs after graduation and the employment rate reached 95 percent in 2017," said Huang Ming, director of the Talents Exchange and Development Center.

"It is our duty to help graduates who did not get jobs to learn more skills and encourage them to start a business," he added.

Huang said more Jilin graduates have chosen to work in other provinces in recent years for all kinds of reasons like slow local economic growth and an unfavorable social environment. The local government has now put forward many preferential policies to keep them in Jilin province.

Yu said that in the coming year Jilin's government will put forward more policies and develop 15 key programs to attract talents.

They will be able to receive flexible salaries, find quick and easy methods to register in companies through green passages and obtain permanent residence certificates.