The past, present, and future of Changchun

Updated: 2018-01-06

The past, present, and future of Changchun

Visitors can learn the future planning of Changchun at the Exhibition Hall, including the construction of a sponge city and reconstruction of the old urban area. [Photo provided to]

The past, present, and future of Changchun, capital of Jilin province, are presented at the Changchun City Planning Exhibition Hall.

Entering the Exhibition Hall, people are welcomed by a wall with a huge golden flower, which is accordance with the exterior of the Hall.

Cui Kai, an academician at the Chinese Association of Engineering, is the main designer of the Hall.

According to Cui, the flower shaped building signifies that the hall is "a city flower flourishing in the Spring City — Changchun".

The Exhibition Hall, covering 27,000 square meters, was built in hyperboloid and hybrid steel structure. New technology and materials are also used during the construction.

A staff member at the Exhibition Hall said the history, present and future of Changchun are presented in three exhibition areas and visitors can also exchange their academic views and educate children, as well as experience entertainment at the Hall.

People can learn about the development of Changchun since 1800 and have a predicting visit to the future city in 2080.

Additionally, the planning hall features China's first three-screen projection, which can project films on the roof, the wall, and the ground, through which visitors can experience a 3D version of future city life.

It has now become a landmark and a cultural attraction in the city.