Vasa Time of Changchun around the corner

Updated: 2018-01-05

The 2018 Changchun Ice and Snow Festival and Jingyuetan Vasa International Skiing Festival are coming. Changchun is getting ready to embrace this year's Vasa time!

The festival is a platform for Changchun to show its ice and snow culture to the world and boost its local economy.

Vasa Time of Changchun around the corner

The festival has become an international ice and snow party, attracting many visitors around the world [Photo provided to]

Jingyue Snow World is an important part in the festival. It is located in the Jingyuetan National Scenic Area, well-known for its snow sculptures. It represents the highest level of sculptural art in Jilin in terms of scale, investment, snow-making volume and creation teams.

The 2018 Jingyue Snow World is focusing more on the artistic appreciation and entertainment value of the sculptures. The World will also show Chinese culture and stories to visitors through works of art in its 600,000 square meters' area.

There will be four sculpture areas of the festival under the theme "Enjoy new era and the beauty of Jinyuetan: Culture Party, Harmonious Family, Rising New Era and Creating Blueprint".

The sculptures of the Culture Party will display the Daming Palace in the Tang Dynasty (618—907), an representative oriental building, which had huge influence on the Silk Road. They will also illustrate some fairy tales and figures in traditional Chinese culture.

Harmonious Family will show core values of Chinese socialism and how Chinese people are embracing a better future under its guidance.

Rising New Era is the location of the main sculptures of the festival. The biggest attraction depicts a huge dragon and the Great Wall, showing how China became a major power in the world.

Vasa Time of Changchun around the corner

The main sculpture shows China's image with a huge dragon and the Great Wall. [Photo provided to]

Creating Blueprint will illustrate Four Great Towers of China in ancient times, the Yellow Crane Tower, Yueyang Tower, Guanque Tower and Tengwang Pavilion. The towers are surrounded by sculptures of auspicious animals like elephants and pandas.

The site features world-class cross-country skiing trails. Every year, players around the world come to take part in many professional competitions during the festival.

Vasa Time of Changchun around the corner

Cross-country skiing competitors around the world are attracted to the festival every year. [Photo provided to]

The festival will continue to share the pleasures of ice and snow sports with more and more people.