Wang Zilian: welcoming a more beautiful Jilin

Update: 2017-10-20

Wang Zilian: welcoming a more beautiful Jilin

Wang Zilian introduces the popular Changbai Mountain scenic spot at a Jilin delegation group meeting on Oct 19. [Photo/]

Jilin Delegate Wang Zilian said on Oct 19 that Jilin will focus on environmental recovery and protection to make its skies bluer and water cleaner.

In speaking of the Changbai Mountain scenic spot, Wang said that 4.1 billion tourists visited the spot in 2016, an increase of 70 percent over 2015. The tourism income reached 63 billion yuan ($9.52 billion).

The number of visitors has been continuously increasing in the past five years.

"Thanks to the improving tourism service, there were many tourists visiting Jilin, but very few complaints," Wang said.

Wang looks forward to a better Jilin and said that by following the central policies on ecological construction the Changbai Mountain area will become more beautiful with bluer skies, cleaner water, more flourishing forests and whiter snow.

Finally, he warmly invited tourists from home and abroad to enjoy the splendid Jilin scenery.