Jilin delegates look forward to 19th CPC National Congress

Update: 2017-10-17

Jilin delegates to the 19th CPC National Congress left for Beijing on Oct 15, ready to attend the congress and proud of gains Jilin has achieved in the past five years.

Some of the delegates are government officials while others are ordinary staff members in various industries.

Before their trip, they said it is their honor to attend the National Congress and expressed their eagerness to take up the opportunity.

Delegate Cai Yueling said "We will fulfill our duty as delegates and bring policies mentioned on the Congress to Jilin people."

Delegate Cao Heping expressed his sense of pride of Jilin's achievements in the past five years.

"The rapid development of Jilin's economy has brought great benefits to the people -- newly opened underground trains and construction of parking lots..."

Bai Yujing also said she believes that a better life for the people and a stronger China will come in the next five years.