Kou Chang: devoting himself to"Made in China"

Update: 2017-09-11

Kou Chang, born in Dehui city, Jilin province, is the president of Dalian RIJIA Electronic Co., Ltd.

Kou Chang: devoting himself to

Kou Chang, the president of Dalian RIJIA Electronic Co., Ltd.[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

After graduating from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, he has worked with the Dalian Panasonic Telecommunication Industries for years.

During his period in Panasonic, he became aware of the great potential in electronic industries and demand for high-precision electronic beam welding products in the domestic market. He then, along with his friends, set up his own business.

Kou's business began with the export of high-precision electronic beam welding products as a major supplier for many companies in China.

Since 2004, Kou has continued to maintain long-term relations with his business partners. The trends for the continued growth of his business remain in place and has entered a new era of rapid development.

In 2008, the global financial crisis increased the risk of their export-dependent business. Kou was not devastated, and in turn, he introduced the most advanced set of international production line equipment with an amount of 28 million yuan ($4.32 million).

In the wake of the crisis, Kou's company rapidly gained market share and became the leader of the Chinese electronic industry.

"We never give up on our clients or the market during any sort of crisis, even with limited profits. Therefore, when markets returned to their normal state, we had more clients and market share than before", Kou said.

Kou said RIJIA has enjoyed a good reputation due to its integrity, "We have never defaulted on its obligations and never will, even when we are facing difficulties."

Several years ago, RIJIA owed a Japanese enterprise worth 800,000 yuan at the time. Some tried to persuade Kou not to pay back since the bad market conditions. Kou said he made a six-month plan to return the money, and earned respect from the Japanese company.

Now the company's total assets attained are 150 million yuan, while owning an area of 34,000 square meters and more than 400 employees. The business of the company has evolved into several segments, including surface mounting technology, circuit board assembly, rail transit lighting, civilian lighting etc. It has also gotten the certificate of ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, TS16949 Quality Management System , IRIS International Railway Industry Standard and awarded ‘Contract Keeping and Credit First Company’, ‘National High-Tech enterprise', ‘Practice and innovate Base for Post-doctor of Liaoning Province' and ‘Class A Enterprise for Tax-Paying Credit in 2014'honors.

Kou also expressed deep love towards his hometown. He said, "I'm especially proud to be a Jilin merchant, and I have ventured out over the years. Now it's time for me to come back and contribute to my hometown." Kou added that he believed the Jilin Merchant Association will stimulate enthusiasm for global Jilin merchants in investing in Jilin and pool their wisdom to boost a new round of development.