Ning Fenglian: Integrity management, persistence write successful stories of the wine giant

Update: 2017-09-11

Baishan Fangda Group, a renowned wine company in Northeast China’s Jilin province, has now earned its reputation as the only "China Famous Brand" in the entire group of wine circulation enterprises.

Ning Fenglian, the creator of all these and the incumbent President, General Manager and Secretary of CPC Committee of the group, has gradually entered public's awareness.

Ning Fenglian: Integrity management, persistence write successful stories of the wine giant

Ning Fenglian, president of the Baishan Fangda Group.[Photo provided to]

About twenty years ago, Ning was the general manager of Baishan Sugar and Wine Factory. At that time, China was undergoing transition from a planned economy to a market-based economy. However, the group could not adapt to the change, thus suffered from huge losses and employees’ low morale. Ning was worried about that and tried his best to help the company.

Later, he got the chance to represent the company to take part in the National Sugar and Wine Fair in Beijing. With painstaking efforts, he succeeded in promoting the group brand, bringing many business opportunities for the group. Later, Ning came up with the business concept of "a Baishan-based, Jinlin-occupied, Northeast-oriented and finally nationwide-radiated model" under which, the group gradually realized rocketing sales volume and market share.

By the turn of the century, China's market economy came into its adjusting stage when counterfeiting in the wine industry was rife. This brought about immense pressure on Ning and his team and challenged the development of the group. But Ning stuck to integrity management and overcame difficult obstacles and finally expanded their sales network in a large scale. Since then, under his leadership, the group has ranked high in sales at both the provincial and the national level.

Talking about the secrets the group's successful stories, Ning emphasizes their integrity management. To guarantee the quality of the products, he leads the group to build a series of regulations and measures, completely irradicating counterfeit and defective products and bringing high reputation to the group.

Ning also helps build a tradition of supporting the army in the group. Ning joined the army in his early years and this exercised his willpower which supported him in the toughest period of starting up his business.

Every year, he spends time with the soldiers and his group always holds activities to promote the connection and communication with the army. In addition, at his initiative, the group provides help for the army and jobs for veterans, developing a honorable social image.