Bayin Chaolu: Seize every minute to win the crucial fight against poverty

Updated: 2017-08-01

The supporting and helping project against poverty was officially launched in Jilin province on the first work day after the Spring Festival.

The provincial Party secretary, Bayin Chaolu visited and comforted impoverished people in Gaoling village, Nanping town, Helong city, Yanbian prefecture, and investigated in villages, companies, projects sites.

Gaoling is an ethnic minority typical impoverished village, with 91 of 395 families in poverty. As soon as Bayin Chaolu arrived, he visited Shunhexin Animal Husbandry Company.

Once he knew that they has established cooperative relationship with Shandong Gelatin Bloc, he said, "Related departments should give supportive policies, assist companies to grow bigger and stronger, and lead more impoverished masses out of poverty."

Bayin Chaolu visited Cui Yonghai, Lv Yongcheng, Cui Zhefeng, Bai Yurong in the evening of Jan 4.

He sat around with others on the Kang, had a cordial talk with them, and encouraged them to strive with confidence for overcoming poverty and achieving prosperity. Bayin Chaolu chaired a forum in the ministry of Gaoling village.

He indicated that the project against poverty should adapt measures for local conditions, vigorously adjust the agricultural structure, and inconstantly develop rural economy and society.

It is as well important to pay respect to the will of the masses, give priority to solving the housing problem of the poor, and synchronously carry out the constructions of road, water conservancy, network, and public service facilities.

He additionally emphasized that recently the crucial fight against poverty began completely, so that all localities and departments should take political, overall, and strategic stands to win the fight together and ensure people in Jilin entering the all-round well-off society.

The responsible officers in provincial departments, and relative comrades of Yanbian state attended activities.