Yanbian rice, Mashitda!

Updated: 2017-07-27

Jin Jun, a 35-year-old man, turned and looked toward the factory plant and said, "It was just a 251-sq-meter workshop in the beginning."

After graduating in Japan in 2009, Jin started his rice business in Dongcheng village, Helong city of Jilin province.

He called his product Mashitda Rice(mashitda means tasty in Japanese). With the development of his rice business, his factory has grown to an area of 2,500 sq meters.

Yanbian rice, Mashitda!

Mashitda Rice's processing plant in Dongcheng village, Helong city, Jilin province. [Photo/cnjiwang.com]

"People only knew Heilongjiang Wuchang rice eight years ago, and Helong rice was unknown even in Jilin province. We could only do local business at that time," said Jin.

Shen Wenfu, chairman of the Yanbian Rice Association, added that their products are still in the stage of primary processing, the stage at which the Yanbian rice business failed.

However, two years ago, President Xi Jinping visited Dongcheng village and said that stable grain production is the central government's goal and he encouraged the farmers to develop their own brands and sell their products to more places.

Jin recalled, "President Xi's talk revived me.The point of developing our own brand is to make Yanbian rice well-known."

Yanbian rice, Mashitda!

Yanbian rice paddies in Helong village. [Photo/cnjiwang.com]

Under the principle of quality and service and the guidance of the central government, Jin has made great achievements. Mashitda Rice has become a well-known trade mark at home and aboard.

According to data released by the Yanbian Rice Association in 2016, 14 rice processing factories in Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture have set up 129 factory-outlet stores nationwide.

More than 40,000 tons of rice have been sold in domestic markets. Products were also exported to overseas markets, such as Japan and Korea.

To grow from obscurity to a household name took Yanbian rice only two years. The achievements the company has made benefit farmers and enterprises together.