Precise poverty alleviation with Tongde village

Updated: 2017-07-26

At the beginning of this year, the poverty alleviation activities in Jilin province were officially launched. Tongde village, located in Daan, Jilin province, is therefore on its way out of poverty.

The total area of Tongde village is 11.9 square kilometers and the total number of households is 425, with a total population of 983. The income source of the villagers is primarily dependent on planting, breeding and export of labor services.

In 2015, the total economic income of rural households was 6.81 million yuan (approximately $1 million), and the per capita net income of the farmers was 4,850 yuan, which is 1520 yuan lower than the farmers in Daan.

"In fact, 4,850 yuan is still the average," said Wang Guohui, the Party branch secretary of the village, "Of the 425 households in Tongde village, 115 are poor households, whose per capita income is actually less than 3,000 yuan."

Precise poverty alleviation with Tongde village

20 new greenhouses were built by the government in Tongde village. [Photo/]

During the village meeting at the end of last year, the village cadres made profound summaries of the causes of poverty in Tongde village.

The main causes of poverty in Tongde village are having just a single industry, barren land, remote location, and many sick and disabled villagers.

According to the special situation of Tongde village, poverty alleviation projects at this stage are primarily divided into three aspects: greenhouses planting, breeding of pigs and sheep, and building of animal husbandry communities.

In order to not leave any villagers behind, through a series of file cards building and accurate recognition works, the villagers are divided into three-star households, two-star households and one-star households, according to their poverty level.

Precise poverty alleviation with Tongde village

Li Fenghu, a villager in Tongde village, works in his melon field. [Photo/]

This is what it means to have precise poverty alleviation -- the "personal customization" type of poverty alleviation.

By now, Tongde village has taken on an altogether new aspect.

"All the mud walls in the village were replaced by beautiful wood-plastic barriers. Paint iron doors replaced wooden doors. The culture square has also been successfully equipped with fitness and entertainment equipment. The highway outside the village also started its construction and the drainage ditch was dug up."

Li Fenghu, a villager who has lived here for half of his life, admits it never occurred to him that the village would look like it does today.