Enjoy cool summer in Jilin

Update: 2017-06-26

The China Changchun Summer Relaxation Festival opened on June 21, providing a heat-escape adventure in Jilin province for tourists from all over China.

Changchun, located in Northeast China, still features cool weather even when it is already burning hot in other parts of China, which brings the city a chance to attract people who are trying to escape the heat.

The cool weather is always a great experience for people in the summer. The average temperature in Changchun is between 22.7 to 23.2 degrees centigrade even in July because of its location, which becomes an advantage for the city to promote its tourism industry.

According to statistics, there were about 20.8 million trips taken between June and September in 2016, providing 38.2 billion yuan ($5.58 billion) in income.

The summer relaxation festival, initiated in 2007, has been an integration of summer resorts, sports, travel, and leisure.

The local government intends to make the event into a summer product combining diversified resources to promote Changchun's tourism.

The Changchun government is now working on improving tourists' travel experience and infrastructure in scenic spots to attract visitors and make them fall in love with the place.

Meanwhile, a heat-escape industrial chain has gradually formed in all aspects including food, living, travel, transport, shopping, and entertainment, which offers visitors convenience for not only traveling but also living in the city.

The local government plans to develop its summer relaxation festival into a summer travel product and will introduce the idea of "heat-escape plus" such as "heat-escape plus health care" and "heat-escape plus real estate" to the event, through which other industries can be promoted.

This year's festival will last for 80 days, during which various events will be held including touring car racing, Jingyuetan International Marathon, and all kinds of travel festivals. Tourists can enjoy their cool summer and at the same time learn about the local cultures of Jilin.