Reemerging ancient NE Chinese ethnics' life

Update: 2017-06-26

Journalists from nationwide media visited the Northeast Folk Custom Museum on June 22, appreciating the articles of ancient NE people's daily use and learning the history of minorities in the area.

The Folk Museum features exhibition areas about ancient and modern ethnic groups' customs, leading industrial workshops and the latest research on traditional culture of Northeast minorities.

According to the guide at the museum, there were three main ethnic groups in ancient Northeast China, each of which had its own traditions.

More than 40,000 collections are displayed in the museum, which could help visitors better learn about ancient NE nationalities from all aspects.

Reemerging ancient NE Chinese ethnics' life

A traditional NE Chinese courtyard is set up at the entry. [Photo provided to]

Entering the main hall, visitors could see a traditional Northeast Chinese courtyard consisting of a principal room facing south, and two wing room facing east and west.

In ancient times, only those rich families could afford such houses.

On the second floor, a corridor was decorated into the appearance of an old street, with a memorial archway in the front and all kind of shops including dye-houses, smithies, and old-style Chinese private banks arrayed on both sides.

Looking into the stores, wax figures can be seen standing in front of the counter, doing accounting with an abacus, or wandering in the rooms, scanning the products.

In front of the private bank counter, an old lady was handing a packet reluctantly to the staff member of the bank, which showed the scene where poor people would pawn their valuable things to make ends meet.

The Folk Museum, affiliated with Northeast Normal University, is the largest museum about Northeast folk traditions in NE China.

The museum, covering 31,000 square meters, exhibits the habitat, development, daily life, and traditions of ancient nationalities, and research results regarding the history of the ethnic groups.

Reemerging ancient NE Chinese ethnics' life

Shoes for females who had to suffer the tradition of foot-binding during ancient times. [Photo provided to]